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EP 44: The golden child’s story

A story you may not want to hear but need to hear. Let’s talk about it! The golden child’s perspective, her views on the mother you both share. Listen...

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Minimizing the TABOO around self sexual pleasure W/Katrina Marie

Let’s talk about it! What is sexual pleasure? What is masterbation? Is it okay? Should you be doing it? Is it good or bad? How do you have pleasure...

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The Disposable Friend

Let’s talk about it! Have you been the disposable friend? The friend that is discarded, cancelled, or called when the other party is bored? Have you been the friend...

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Level up MENTALLY W/Sambra Marrodan

Let’s talk about always having doubts and uncertainty that has been pasted on from generation to generation. Doubts that are not even our own. Limiting beliefs from family members...

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2020…A year of many failures and successes

2020….The year of drastic changes, opportunities, and successes. Let’s talk about it. What could you have done differently, and what did you learn from it. #2020 #2021 #newyear #newyou...

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Unchain Yourself from you past trauma

For more content like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel ***new content every Thursday*** #unchained #triggered #triggerprotectionmantra Stay in the loop with The Zainab Kanu Show: FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/empoweringmotherlessdaughters INSTAGRAM:...

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10 Types of Abusive Behaviors of Narcissistic Parents

What is Narcissism? Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealized self-image and attributes. The term originated from Greek mythology, where a young...

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How not to be a disposable friend in 7 steps

Are you that person some people call when they are bored or when they have no one to talk to? Are you used to last minute cancellations? Do you...

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How to be the Hero You Need?

Why do we think that someone should come to our rescue just as it happens in the movie? Why do we need a superhero when we can be one...

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