5 Reasons Why You Need Healing

5 Reasons Why You Need Healing

Healing of your soul and mind requires a holistic approach honoring the spiritual and the personal. The problem that our modern psychology faces is that it ignores the soul and only medicates people who feel lost or broken, the people who find it hard to continue their journey as a human being.

Our emotions exhibit powerful messages to us. These emotions do not cause chemical imbalances in our body, in fact, it is caused due to living a life out of balance, a life that is not aligned with our soul’s desires, it can be due to unhealed pain from childhood, a divorce, or even any recent life experience.

We focus on expanding instead of focusing on the importance of honoring our feelings. I strongly believe that one should undergo healing and then allow himself to expand and grow in a new cycle of evolution. Holding yourself back into a never-ending healing process is wrong.

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5 signs that indicate you need healing

We should allow ourselves to move on as it is safe to let go of our past. A beautiful world is waiting for us. Sometimes it is tough to find a positivity aspect in one’s life especially when their soul went through a significant hit such as divorce, getting fired from a job, or just simply losing someone special by choice or otherwise.

You might feel that someone took your soul from you and trampled it badly. You face emotions such as emptiness, numbness, and loss. And you try to find a direction but fail to find one. 

We all treat our personal belongings such as cars, mobile phones, and laptops, etc better than our hearts. We all have our battles that we are fighting day and night. Sadly, we never take time out to repair our poor soul. We all believe that healing is just for someone who went through trauma or is just a broken person. We have stopped working on our souls as we are so busy in our daily routine that we just ignore the fact that our souls also need maintenance. I believe that healing is not only for someone who is broken but it is for everyone, we all need healing, and here are five reasons why:

1.     Life is not easy

Life is not a bed of roses, everyday we have to face a lot of challenges. We all have our struggles and go through difficulties as well as disappointments. Many people let us down making it tough for us to trust other people. Our dreams get shattered leaving us with a heavy heart. Sometimes life is just not fair and you can’t really do anything about it. It is a roller coaster full of both good and bad unexpected surprises. At one point you are at the top of the roller-coster and suddenly you are thrown forward forced to move downward which is very scary yet thrilling. You have mixed emotions and feelings.

2.     Hearts Lie

One of the biggest problems of our human heart is its tendency to deception. Our heart lies the most about is usually us. We believe that we know ourselves and we know our battles but in reality, we know nothing. We have no idea how our past experiences impact our new relationships and lives.

3.     Destiny

Our destiny is not decided by our qualifications or by what we know or who we know. It solely depends on the condition of our soul and heart. If we are insecure or self-conscious and care about what others think of us it may be holding us back from God’s plan.

4.     We all are humans

Life is unpredictable and we all know that many things can potentially go wrong. When such a situation occurs all we need to do is to acquire self-maintenance. Even machines need maintenance plans after working for a long time compared to us who are humans filled with emotions.

5.     Yes, we all deserve it

We all deserve to be pampered, nurtured and cared for. We all deserve to have more energy, power, fun and to contribute our presence in the only we desire to.

Healing is a beautiful process, a process in which one gets to know more about himself. Some people find it really hard to undergo this process so it is best to talk to someone maybe a therapist. A professional can guide and help you to find the lost path. Processing all the painful feelings is no less than a challenge. As one reaches the place of healing he transcends which helps him to rise again and it can be reached by mental health care and searching your soul. The healing journey is very mysterious and unclear for many people but that is totally OK. To experience something, to experience a new reality one needs to roam on an unknown path but it’s worth giving a try.

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