How to Get Rid of Anxiety in 9 Easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Anxiety in 9 Easy Steps

Going through a divorce was a cumbersome task already, but her dad’s sudden death on top of that was what made it all the more difficult. Lena still thought she will handle it all and she did. On the outside, she was perfectly fine. Tossing everything at the back of her mind for another time, she went to her bank that day with a friend. 

That’s where it all happened. Lena thought she was fine but she wasn’t. A sudden rush of feelings took over her. All those suppressed emotions poured out and her body couldn’t take it. She fell on her knees gasping for her next breath. 

She went home and couldn’t come out for the next 4 years. 



Our body’s prime nature is survival. The brain has one job, save you from dying. Anxiety is one system it uses to ring an alarm in your life. It tells you something is not quite right and that it needs to be fixed. 

Anxiety can also feel like having an intense worry coupled with a lot of overwhelm which makes it an awful feeling to have. 

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If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, missing any one of these can lead to a certain level of anxiety. 

So, if you feel any of these symptoms of anxiety, it’s time to act. Ask your self:

Do you ever feel suffocated out of the blue? 

Does it feel like your heart is carrying a burden you can’t seem to decipher? 

Or do you fear living with yourself? You feel like you almost always need people around you. Because the thoughts in your mind are too much for you.

There can be tons of reasons why you have to deal with anxiety in your life. But in this post, we will discuss how to get rid of anxiety and minimize its effects.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

1. Safety

You need to feel safe. If it’s something in your environment that is scaring you or making it hard for you to be yourself, try to get rid of it. Try to find a community that accepts you and where you can tell your story. Be involved in the people around you. Make time for good friends and family members. 

If you think it’s hard to be yourself, seek help from a good therapist. Therapy can help you. It can open up windows your mind has shut because of some major events in your life. You deserve to live a life without a cloud of worries surrounding you. 

2. Basics and Self-care

It’s easy to lose track of your basics when your mind is crowded with emotions you are unable to handle well. It’s important to keep track of taking care of your basics. 

That involves eating healthy food on time. Recent studies have shown the impact of our diet on our anxiety. For me it’s coffee. I can not function well if I have coffee inside me. Caffeine can affect your anxiety too. Another major culprit behind our horrible moods is sugar. Sugar is associated with addiction. You can actually blame sugar for your energies spiking and crashing all of a sudden. Sugar makes your blood go on a roller-coaster ride and that feeling is not healthy.  

Sleep is essential. Not sleeping enough is linked with your overall anxiety. Who hasn’t seen a bad day because of a lack of sleep? We all have. If you look at your kids, they are cranky at nap times for a reason. Adults need sound sleep as well. 

Self-care goes beyond the basics. We do need to eat, sleep, and breathe to survive but we need a lot more to live a good life. Make your self-care a part of your journey. Take care of how you look and feel. Keep hydrated. Go for a gym membership and workout just to feel better. Fuel your brain with good content. Remember, you are what you consume. Keep a skincare routine. Learning uplifts the brain and keeps your mind occupied in meaningful things. Reflect on the things you learn. It’s a healthy activity, helps you make better decisions in life.  

3. Creating your support system

We all need a support group but if you are going through ough times and feel anxiety overtaking you, you need to create your support system. Remember, we didn’t choose the people who are a part of our lives but we can decide who stays and who doesn’t. 

In your support system keep people who care about you, support you, and are ready to go a little out of the way to make you feel real, respected, important, and above all, loved. 

You can recreate the group you hang out with. There are good people out there, people you can feel yourself with. Just keep your mind and eyes open. 

4. Nature and Breathing Exercises

Nature has healing powers. Just try sitting under a tree and practice breathing. You will feel better. The color green, according to psychology, beings a feeling of peace and calm to our minds. 

Try to relax in places like parks, gardens, and any other natural place around you. Listen to the sound of nature, rain, wind, trees, birds, waves, even crickets. All these are soothing elements a part of our lives but they don’t work unless you put your mind to it. 

There are numerous breathing exercises that help you relax. When the brain gets enough oxygen it feels good. For starters, you can put your hands flat on your stomach. Join your middle fingers together and take a deep breath counting till 5. Your fingers should move apart because you are breathing through your lower abdomen. Hold your breath for 5 seconds and release in another 5. 

5. Meditation, Prayer, and Journaling

Meditate, on your own or with a group, to learn to keep your mind still. Our brains adapt to the lives we live but that doesn’t mean it is happy in adapting to that life as well. When we keep rushing things the brain forgets how to relax and feel you. Meditation can help there. 

Prayer can not only help you connect with your Creator but also help you heal through spiritual energies. 

Journaling is helpful. Writing your thoughts on a piece of paper helps you pour those feelings you have tossed at the back of your mind for later. Write without fear, without any composition, be very original. No one is going to read that. Be yourself. Let it flow.

6. EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques 

Another thing I discovered when I went to my therapist was EFT. Although, the technique feels very funny when you start but vibrating at those right points can actually help you get rid of anxiety immediately (almost). 

EFT is a therapy technique where you tap certain points on your body to relieve pain or emotional distress. It’s also referred to as psychological acupressure and can help you regain balance and treat pain. 

Here is a chart to help you: 

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7. Physical Exercise and Arts

Everyone is emphasizing on physical exercise these days and for good reason. The thing is our ancestors had jobs and lifestyles that made them move a lot. We have all the resources and facilities in our lives that make our physical activity close to none is many cases. Give your body the freedom to move its joints and muscles. It feels better when you do that and in return it will reward your brain by giving it a bit less pressure. 

Ever heard about art therapies? 

They exist and they work. Any form of art can work as a relaxant for you. It could be dancing, painting, writing, singing, music, yoga and for some even cooking is therapeutic. 

8. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, being present, and feeling your current state of mind. We’ve learned to put a lot of things at the back of our minds. Our conscious mind needs a lot of you. 

Our environment has all the audio/visual signals to feel good and bad, alike. We are normally ignoring 99% of these signals. Learn to focus on the right signals and your life can take a 180-degree turn. 

Take active participation in your healing process. 

9. Support Groups 

You are not alone in this. There have been people before you who have faced anxiety and managed it. There are people who are still facing it. And so you can always find a local support group to learn from other people’s experience to your benefit. 

You can find groups via your local church, your insurance company, or register one yourself via your state office.

Bonus: Have Faith 

It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. Have faith. It’s all possible when you set your mind to something. Have faith in your Creator. He made you with so much love, He will take care of you. Learn from your experience and never hold back from becoming the best version of yourself. Put efforts and energies in becoming the best version of yourself. 

When you feel you’ve learned to manage your anxiety, help someone else out. You can even start helping others around you today by sharing this post with them. Let’s start a chain of building each other stronger. 

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