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Hi! I am Zainab Kanu

For a long time now, I had allowed my issues from childhood years, which resulted from having an emotionally absent mother, subdue me into a place where I was powerless, indecisive, co-dependent, and harbored incredible anger and resentment towards my own self. I believed in people-pleasing because I valued myself too little. I went looking for a mother in others because I did not know how to take care of myself.

My Story

My background of what I do, I hold a bachelors degree in nursing and have worked as a nurse over the past few years.

Then came a turning point, an incident that changed my outlook towards everything in life. A space where I am learning to love, accept, and care for myself exactly the way I am. I am learning to leave behind all the pain, and to move ahead to become the person I can be. Let me tell you that I’m still a work in progress!
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My Journey is exactly what I’ll be sharing with you on this platform. I realize that I’m not alone in enduring what I did. Anyone who has missed out on the nurturing care of a mother in their growing years, either due to losing her to death or due to a non-existent or toxic relationship with her, would be facing similar issues.

I want to give a chance, to you and I, to heal from the lack of nurturing from our childhood. I want to help you overcome the fear, pressure and grief, and identify the abilities and blessings that you have today because of your mother being absent, and become truly free to pursue your dreams, as I do the same for myself.

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Like you, I too have been through several traumatic experiences. But I never let those define me. I made the decision to be great then, and I still make that decision every day. And if you allow me, I can help you make this empowering decision for your life too.

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