Article on Methadone

Article on Methadone

Article Topic: Why is methadone free for drug abuser and not for cancer patients

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3 Reasons Why Opioid Addicts Need Free Methadone More Than Cancer Patients

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Methadone, a synthetic opioid, is a drug that has found uses in mainly two areas, in the treatment of opioid addiction and as a palliative in pain management for advanced cancer patients. However, there is a key difference in the availability of methadone for these two purposes. While for drug addicts methadone is available at either low cost or for free, for cancer patients there are no subsidies offered for methadone usage.

This begs the question among many people, that why a drug abuser can have free access to methadone but a cancer patient suffering from excruciating pain needs to shell out money to find relief with methadone. The reasons are manifold, here we are going to explore the three primary ones:

  1. Difference in the End Goal

The purposes accomplished with methadone usage for opioid addiction treatment and cancer pain management are intrinsically different from each other. Although both are important, the scope of their implications vary. As a palliative, methadone eases the moderate to severe pain of cancer patients, and as such serves in the capacity of pain management tool.

Whereas in opioid drug abusers, methadone has proven to be effective in helping addicts give up their opioid addiction and bringing them back from the verge of life-threatening situation of overdose. In fact, research has shown that drug abusers who continue methadone treatment for a long period of time give up drugs, move away from their criminal inclinations and return to a normal functional life.

In the former case, methadone plays the role of managing a problem, while in the latter case, methadone plays the role of solving a problem.

  1. The Socioeconomic Aspect of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their social and economic status. But it’s not difficult to imagine that people with unstable employment and economic instability are at great risk of frequently turning to painkillers for tuning out their physical health problems, that could very well be a manifestation of their disturbed mental state, and in the longer run ending up addicted to the opioids.

What’s sadder is that lack of economic well-being may not only contribute in the person developing addiction problems, but it may also prove to be a major deterrent in the person getting proper help for overcoming the addiction. What these people need is not only motivation but also concrete financial help to get rid of their addictive ways. Free methadone treatment can help these people get their life back on track.

  1. The Epidemic Opioid Crisis

The problem of opioid addiction and overdose has reached epidemic levels. Yes, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in USA, but opioid addiction has devalued the life of Americans to a new bottom. The country’s opioid crisis has been declared as a “public health emergency”. It is a problem that is worsening by the year.

Every day, more than 90 Americans are dying as a result of opioid overdose. The rampant nature of opioid crisis across the nation is afflicting general public health, social and economic welfare.

The problem of opioid addiction needs to be addressed promptly and effectively in order to save the general population from going down a dark road that leads to an untimely demise. Making methadone freely and easily available for drug addicts is an important step in this direction.