How to be the Hero You Need?

How to be the Hero You Need?

Why do we think that someone should come to our rescue just as it happens in the movie?

Why do we need a superhero when we can be one ourselves?

Everyone has their own definition of a superhero, some might believe only that person is considered to be a superhero who has superpowers or for some, a superhero can be simply a person who is kind to all.

Now the question is how can you be the superhero that you deserve?

But before answering that I want you to ask yourself this:

Are you ready to stop depending on others and ready to be a superhero?

A superhero that you dreamt of saving you. Sometimes we consider guys as our Prince Charming or Super Hero and we think that they can save us from our bizarre life by marrying us.

Well, my friend if you think that way then you don’t believe in yourself and the superpowers that you possess. We all have our own superpowers, for example, one’s superpower can be kindness, another person’s can be helping others.

I personally believe that our strongest superpower is something that we are deprived of in our past. Why? Because we know its importance in one’s life and by using that power we can be a superhero for others as well.

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My Journey

I belong to a broken family. After my parent’s divorce, I used to live with my mother. But unfortunately, my mother was not one who is considered a good mom. A good mom is someone who listens to you, cares about you, respects your feelings, feeds you, and most importantly loves you.

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that my mum lacked all these qualities. She was an alcoholic so she used to be busy in her drinking and never cared about me. She used to go out with her friends leaving me alone in the house without any food. I used to cry and curse my mother, I believed that having a mother like her is equivalent to being a motherless daughter.

I used to complain to God that why I got a mom like her and why all my friends got caring as well as loving moms.

The Realization

One day I was sitting and watching spider man and realized that he was also deprived of basic necessities, he was an orphan, but still, he found pleasure in helping others. I just thought that if a guy like him be a superhero then why can’t I be one? That time I noted all the things I was deprived of and made a list. I promised myself that I will make these things my superpower.


Since my mother was never kind to me, I decided that I will be super kind to others so that they recognize me for my kindness. Whenever someone was rude to me instead of getting angry I used to reply with kindness. I started noticing that with time the other person automatically became a little less rude and this way I got to know that kindness is actually a superpower.


I never kept an eye on my health so my second superpower was to keep my body healthy. I used to go to the gym and therapy sessions to keep both my mind and body sane. I used to complain more than doing my work myself so I started complaining less and doing my work myself more.

I started to cook for myself and clean my room. Cooking taught me to not depend on others for my survival whereas a clean room used to give me inner peace.


My last superpower was love as I was so deprived of it that I knew its value and importance. So, I tried to spread love which helped me to form a positive aura that gave me strength.

Real-life superheroes are different from reel world heroes and it won’t be wrong to say that we can’t possess powers like them. Those superpowers are fictional and the powers that we can possess are more real.

We need to find out that what sort of superhero we need in our life to take us out of such misery and when you get the answer then try including those qualities in your self because no one else is going to come and rescue you.

We need to find our powers and the best way to do that is to make our weaknesses our power. We need to believe in ourselves and make ourselves the superhero who we fantasy because we know that in the real world there is no one else who can come and make our lives better.

It might sound absurd that we can be our own hero but honestly try giving it a try only then you will know what this means.

What to do?

All you have to do is to assess all the shortcomings in your personality, note them down, and make them your strength. This won’t only polish you as a human being but will also give you a feeling of satisfaction that you made your weaknesses your strength.

You will not end up being a superhero but will become a lovable person by everyone.

Making our trauma our strength sounds really hard but can’t we give it a try?

There is nothing that can’t be achieved. “Close your eyes and believe in yourself”, is something you need to practice. The first step is always believing in yourself if you get hang of it then you will automatically start possessing other superpowers.

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Steps to Becoming Your Own Hero

Step 1: Embrace yourself with your qualities and your flaws

Who you are is your greatest power. Don’t seek validation for yourself from everyone. Keep your compass straight. Introduce self-care and self-validation in your life. Reflect on who you are. It’s okay if you are not where you want to be. You’ve taken the first step. The road is going to take you there one day, eventually. 

Embrace your beauty, a little pop of color here and there is refreshing but don’t go overboard and completely change the way you look. That’s a part of self-care which is the first step in your journey towards becoming your own hero.

Step 2: Consistent Efforts

Never give up. Get into the hero mindset. You are a product of your invincible thinking. You are a go-getter. Remind yourself time and time again that you are emotionally strong, that you have great management skills, and work your way in that direction. There are so many resources out there. Learn to cope with anxiety, stress management, anger management, seek empathy, and practive forgiveness. 

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Step 3: Take complete responsibility for who you are

COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY. Say goodbye to blame because blame leads you nowhere. There is nothing worse than being stuck. Once you take responsibility for your past, present, and future, only then can you fully take over your life. Otherwise, we simply put the blame on someone/something else and stop struggling for improvement.

Step 4: Leave some room for being human

Heros don’t have it all perfect. They make the best of every adversity. You will fail, you will fall, you will feel weak but remember it’s just a phase, let it come and go. Come back stronger. Be very staunch at the core. Write your top 5 values, hang them somewhere you see them every day.

This world needs more good people so why can’t we be the ones who make this world a better place for ourselves and for others. Let’s be the superhero who saves the world, not from villains but all other sorts of negative powers.

This isn’t an easy journey but well all other superheroes went through a lot just to get their superpowers so we can try at least no? If no one else believes in you always remember I do and I know that you, my friend will be able to be the superhero that you deserve.

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