Motherless Daughter – How to overcome co-dependency.

Motherless Daughter – How to overcome co-dependency.

You can overcome and get rid of your co-dependency.

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According to Dr. Charles Whitfield from Healing the Child Within, Co-dependency is a condition that stifles our True Self, our Child Within. It is focusing on the needs and behavior of others and neglecting your True self. This is something I know too well. For years, I surrender my life and happiness to other people. I went to other people to heal my brokenness, fix the pain and disappointments I was experiencing from the lack of nurturing I did not get from my mother.

4 Ways to overcome your co-dependency.

Face yourself – I am honest with myself as well as to the people around me. I see me for who I am, realizing that I have co-dependency issues, I sought out to get the help I needed.

Stop all negative thinking – As a Motherless Daughter, I stopped all the negative thinking, the indecision, distrust, overthinking… criticizing myself and others that I believed to be true from my childhood. I take things at face value and I don’t spend time thinking about what the next person is thinking of me. I have learned, what someone thinks of you is not your business.

Self-care – One of the ways I practice self care and overcome co dependency as a Motherless Daughter is by going to therapy. It allowed me to start focusing on own my life, I became active, engaging with other people, and became open-minded. I learned that I don’t have to be perfect. I am lovable just the way I am and embraced my imperfections.

Practice setting boundaries – I respect other people’s boundaries and I expect other people to respect mine. As a result, I use the word “no” quite frequently, and I do not pressure other people to fulfill my needs.

From doing the work to change my life, I have fallen in love with my life. These are some of the things that I have been doing to overcome my co-dependency. Tell me what you are doing to overcome your co-dependency.

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