Intercontinental Baby

What an amazing hotel the Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles  is!

My son and I arrived at the Intercontinental hotel, and At the entrance of the hotel my son and I were greeted by not one but three hotel helpers to assist us with our luggage. My mouth opened in awe as we were welcomed and escorted to the elevator. The hotel interior was simply breathtaking.My son immediately noticed that this hotel was different than the others we recently visited. His face lit up and I heard him say “Mommy come on, lets check it out!” Boy was he excited!

We got in front of the elevator and it opened, we went inside the elevator without touching a button because there was no button to touch on the inside of the elevator, and the elevator closed.

My son and I looked at each other with a hint of panic as the elevator started moving up. Okay, 10 floor, 11, 12, 36, 45, and 70! Then the elevator stopped and opened.

“Mommy, we are on the 70th floor!” Filled with fear we hastily walked out of the elevator rolling our luggage, eyes wide open, looking around, wondering where we were and what just happened? Right outside the elevator to our left was the lobby. We asked, where are we and where do we check in. A gentleman by the name of Deny answered,This is the lobby where you check in.

As I walked closer to the desk, I could see the whole LA from the top view through the glass walls. I never thought I had a fear of height other than in roller coasters, but something happened. Palms started feeling sweaty, eye balls out of my eye socket, room started spinning. I wondered, why is the lobby on the 70th floor, for the view I suppose?

My son was looking all round, eager to move closer to the glass walls to check out the view with no hesitation. He said, “Mommy come on, let’s look, come closer, this is great.” My nerves were shot, I was confused by this whole scene. But not my son. He moved closer and closer with no fear, leaned forward on the glass wall looking down and said, “I love this mommy! WOW! Look at this mommy, don’t be scared! It’s not that bad.

Now I know how much my son loves this, I did not want him to think that I was scared,so I moved one step closer to the glass wall and said, “Oh, it’s time for me to check in,son. Deny is waiting for me.” Whew, thank you Jesus. I have escaped this for now. This boy is fearless and has always been that way. I completed my check in with Deny thinking that I had dodged a bullet.

Oh but was I wrong! My son wanted us to check out the whole view. He walked around, looked up, down, and sideways, filled with so much joy. Seeing my son happy made me happy. It was because of him that I had decided to stay in a four-star hotel. My son loves the city view. I don’t know why. The higher the building, the better.

I had no clue that The Intercontinental had these many floors. I really did not know what I’d be getting when I set up my hotel reservation. If you know me, you know I am such a visual person. I was worried that the pictures online and inperson will not match. I was wrong. The pictures online exactly matched the inperson view.

Here we go! My heart racing, palms sweating, vision altered, and head spinning I muster the strength to peek. I walked all the way to the glass walls, looked straight ahead, and for some reason I decided to look down. I felt my heart drop. I quickly looked straight ahead and realized that it was not so bad.

In the middle of the hotel lobby was a sitting area and a bar. A fully equipped bar. It almost looked like a lounge. Of course, you knowcurrently I am in love.  My son and I took a different elevator to our room on the 58th floor, put our luggage down, and embarked to check out LA. First stop would be the Original Pantry Cafe. Whoop! Whoop! LA here we come!

The Intercontinental was great. Excellent customer services, higher than recommended technology, an absolute LA view, amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, buffet style almost whatever you want, gym with a trainer, and a fantastic swimming pool and hot tub area. I am looking forward to going back to LA and whenever I go to LA I will only stay at the Intercontinental hotel. I loved the experience so much that I am still day dreaming about it.


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