How to choose you W/Taryana Rocha

This week our guest is the amazing Taryana Rocha.

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Where to begin when it comes to the process of choosing you. How do you even know or make the determination that you need to choose you?

A very painful process at first, when you come to the realization that you where never loved, nurtured, or even chosen by the one person that is supposed to love you the most.

Well, look no further, Taryana is going to give you step by step instructions on how to do that.


1:00 Who is Tary and what does she do?

2:55 reparenting yourself

7:43 what does loving yourself mean

26:00 secure attachment

28:00 self-gaslighting

32:20 attachment trauma

36:45 the golden child

37:02 feeling shame

38:50 the 2 types of Narc

42:50 How to choose you

63:00 How to go no contact

68: 00 how to know which voice is yours

73: different types of flying monkeys

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