How to overcome the Victim mentally W/Faith Akano

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This weeks guest is Faith Akana, the beauty is dimples and a beautiful smile. Faith will be discussing how she had to change her mind to overcome the rape that she endure back in 2011.
You can find Faith on IG @ FaithAkano @thehealedwomanfoundation @Femdigitalng @churchgirlclothing
5:45 – when the raped happened
8:20 what is rape, what is taken, and what it affects?
09:10 what Faith experienced
 10:30 what did the costed Faith?
11:25 how Faith morned her experience
12:15 Mistakes her parents made in Faith’s healing journey
14:40 Faith getting her voice back
16:30 Pastor re-truamatized Faith again
20:00 Faith’s encounter with God
22:30 Faith’s Isolation period to start the healing process
24:00 Faith starting using the word “NO”
24:45 Faith’s forgiving journey
26:35 Faith using her voice to heal
30:30 How to hear God
32:15 Detaching from toxic people
33:15 What is healing
34:00 The meaning of Faith’s dream
42:00 Victim shaming and blaming by the police
44:57 How to have closure
47:15 Faith’s organization
55:10 Healing is possible
58:00 Faith’s advice

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