Heal from within W/Theawna Brown, BSN, RN

When we look at social media, everyone and everything looks perfect. However, a lot of times, the person that we maybe looking at is not actually living the life portrayed. Looks can be very deceiving.

At first, I thought Theawna Brown, had the perfect life with her mother, and comes from the perfect family.

Until we had this interview session, I had no idea she had to choose herself, in order to change the trajectory of her life as well as her daughters life. In choosing herself, Theawna was able to start the healing process, that later transferred not only to her mother but to her daughter as well. Healing is an energy! Once you begin the work, the energy can radiate beyond your wildest capacity and generational curses will be broken. Let the healing begin.

Theawna has a bachelors of science in nursing, currently studying to be a nurse practitioner, a full time mother, full-time nurse, and a full-time life learner with a passion of healing through reiki. Listen to Theawna heart felt poem as she describes what it was like growing up with her mother.

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